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Nigel is the founder and creator of the award winning, top 10 dad and parenting blog in the UK known as DIY Daddy.

He’s a father of five children who range in age from 23 years old all the way down to 6 year old twin girls. Being a dad of five has certainly given him his fair share of parenting experiences and knowledge!

Nigel writes about his experiences of being a dad to five children of different ages and the challenges that as a dad you face, in addition to how those challenges change as your children grow up. He has written extensively about the possible long term effects that social media could be having on our children, and why we should be educating and protecting our children in this fast moving world. 

Nigel also writes in an open and frank way about his lifelong battle with depression and how the pressures of being a dad can, at times, make life difficult. 

He also writes about all the wonderful and fantastic moments that being a dad can give you. Those memories and moments that will stay with you forever as some of the happiest times in your life. 

You can read Nigel's blog here DIY Daddy.

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